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Construction Contracting Operations Management – Planning


Construction Contracting Operations Management – Planning

£1,395.00 + VAT

Completion Time: From 2 weeks

Requirements: Experienced / Working








To get started you will need to complete our registration form,  As a minimum, you will need a copy of your photo ID. The NVQ can be started on any day.


Your assessor will provide you with support and guidance during these stages:

  1. Gather evidence – capture evidence – videos and photos of you performing the keys skills of your trade 
  2. Knowledge – a recorded discussion, where you will discuss your role and your understanding of health and safety and good working practice that is relevant to your trade. 
  3. Witness testimony. This can be a recorded phone call, email or signed document. It provides assurance from a 3rd party that you are competent in your role. 
  4. Site documents – Rams, toolbox talks, technical sheets, file plans, everything that is relevant to your role 
VoQual helped us elevate our staff’s skills and surprised us with how quickly our guys were qualified. We ill definitely work with them again in the near future!
Richard L
I was really nervous about being assessed, I hate being watched when I'm working, but my assessor was decent and we had a laugh. I've already told a few of my mates about my experience.
Ricky A
Dry LIner
The whole team at VoQual made the process for us far easier than we expected. Our fitters achieved their NVQs without fuss and we claimed the CITB levy back quickly. Thank You
Sarah W
Learning & Development

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How do I get an NVQ?


When you sign up with VoQual, we will register you with our awarding body – NOCN, and we will assign you to an assessor who will guide you through the process. Once your assessor is satisfied that you perform your trade to the standards set by the awarding body we can then sign off your NVQ and claim your certificate

Can I start anytime?


You can start whenever you are ready. Your NVQ isn’t like a traditional course that has set start and finish times, as soon as you are registered with VoQual you’ll be on your pathway to qualifying.

How long will it take?


This is our most common question, and the answer is simple, “How long do you want it to take?”


It could take a week, it may take 12 months, it’s really up to you. We will support you and provide the guidance you need to get your NVQ completed in a timescale that is right for you.


It important to understand that it’s you that has the knowledge and experience, we need you to engage with your assessor and provide the evidence that supports your  NVQ assessment.



What evidence will my assessor want to see


Stuff relevant to this trade

How do I get my CSCS card?


You’ve completed your NVQ….congratulations!!


Your next step is to apply for your CSCS card, you’ve done all the hard work, this final task is really simple


CSCS have a great video explaining everything for you

Click here  Step By Step Video


To start your application, you will need the following:

  1. Electronic copy of your certificate
  2. Pass letter for your CITB HS&E test
  3. Your payment card
  4. Create an account with CSCS


If you would like us to apply for the card for you, give us a call and we can provide this service for an additional charge.

Additional information


6-8 Weeks


Level 6


Black CSCS

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