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What Is An NVQ?


An NVQ is a vocational qualification that proves your competence within your chosen field.


What Do I Need To Start An NVQ?


We need you to be experienced in your trade or supervisory/management role. If you’re confident you can provide the evidence required for the NVQ then get in contact with us today using our sign up link HERE

What Evidence Do I need?


This depends entirely on the NVQ but usually, we will require a copy of the method statement and various site documents relating to your occupation, we will conduct remote site visits and also ask for videos and photos of you working. Lastly we will gain a witness testimony from your supervisor or manager. If you have any questions regarding this, please give us a call.

Where Does The NVQ Take Place?


Your NVQ can be completed remotely or at your place of work.


There will be minimal interruption to your time at work, your assessor will provide you with all the assistance you require.


Remember, there are no exams or course work, you are working with your assessor to build a portfolio of evidence that shows you are competent in your role.

Any Other Questions?


Please use our contact form below for any further questions you may have, we aim to respond within 4 hours. 

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