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CITB funding increase

We previously discussed the removal of the industry accreditation card next year, and how, now is the time to act, VoQual is pleased to announce that CITB has recently provided an update to their funding page, and it’s great news for the industry!


It is estimated that there are 60,000 cardholders (many believe this figure to be far higher) impacted by the removal of the IA cards. From April 2023, the funding for certain supervision and management qualification has been increased significantly, there are no changes to level 2 NVQs, the standard grant of £600 remains sufficient to cover most of the cost at this level. The changes are shown in the table below, this really is the time to speak with your employer or contractor to see how they will support you through this process.


If you are a levy payer and would like to discuss how you can get your team on to the right NVQ and CSCS cards before the forthcoming deadlines, please contact us today.


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