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New Year’s Resolutions

With Christmas approaching and 2023 nearly upon us, it’s time that many of us are setting goals. For individuals, it might be getting fit, eating better or volunteering more. But organisations need goals in order to grow too – and what better time than January to set your business’ New Year’s resolutions?

When coming up with a resolution, you’re committing to a change for the better. So why not review things and see where improvements can be made? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  1. We will devote more time to networking

With COVID-19 vaccines, we can dare to hope that lockdowns are finally behind us, and that social events and networking meetings can take place regularly again. Business owners face the perennial challenge of finding time for meet-ups, but committing time to them in advance – and resolving to stick to engagements – will provide great opportunities to grow your organisation.

You can find events in your local area through LinkedIn, Facebook, and local Chambers of Commerce. And if each member of your management team commit to one event per month, the opportunities will be flooding in in no time.

  1. We will streamline processes

Why slog through processes manually when they can be automated, freeing your staff up for other tasks? Investing in cloud accounting software, for example, makes tracking your quotes, cis returns, and vat returns much easier, and leaves more time for your support staff to engage with the frontline teams.

Ticketing systems for workflow and project management can reduce time too, as can software that enables sales staff to track and record progress with leads. Consider which types of tools and software will benefit you most and aim to implement them.

  1. We will recognise our worth

So many small businesses undercharge for their services, either to attract clients more quickly, or because they don’t recognise the value of their offering. Remember that your firm has specialist knowledge and experience, and that you should charge what that’s worth. It’s easy to fear price rises in case you lose clients or don’t secure that job you quoted for– but it’s important to accept that you can’t fit everyone’s needs and that clients should understand the value of your offering and be willing to pay it.

  1. We will engage in more marketing activity

For businesses of a certain size, marketing is always the thing that falls by the wayside. You’re so busy dealing with clients and their needs that your own promotion gets overlooked. But with some careful planning and dedicated time set aside, you can improve your marketing efforts. It may be as simple as posting on social media more often, or running some pay-per-click campaigns, or as basic as ensuring your vehicles are well maintained and your branding stands out – it could make a real difference to your revenue.

  1. We will support a cause

Social causes are becoming more important in the business world, so decide what your business should stand for. Something that is very relevant to us is the work done by Lighthouse, they continue to support the construction industry with emotional, physical and financial support

Consider support a charity close to your heart, 2023 is going to be a difficult year for many families and individuals and your support could be life changing

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