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Goodbye Industry Accreditation


Everyone knows that all industry accreditation cards will expire on 31st December 2024 and any cards that expire after 30th June 2024 will not be renewed.

So that’s at least 18 months away, probably 2 years for most people, no need to rush yet, or is there? 2022 disappeared in a flash, and we can be certain that 2023 is going to fly by too. Can you remember the UK going into lockdown for the first time, Boris announced that way back on 23rd March 2020, which will 3 years come March.


We’d urge anyone still using an accreditation card to start thinking about their next steps.


  • You may not need a card, your role may have evolved to the point that you no longer need site access

  • You may qualify for an Academically Qualified person card, have you completed a construction-related qualification such as a degree, HND or HNC, or perhaps you have CIOB certificates and NEBOSH diplomas Click Here

  • Do you have a membership with one of the CSCS-approved professional members Click Here

If the above routes are not suitable for you and you still require an NVQ please contact us for advice and support in getting qualifiedd.

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